I love reading Japanese books in Japanese. This blog is called Shosetsu.ninja because the Japanese format similar to a novel is called shosetsu. I’m always working through a book or two at any given time, and when I come up with something that may be helpful or interesting to those who want to know more about language learning or Japanese books, I will write a post about it. In general, I will write in both Japanese and English side by side.

I spent a considerable amount of time and effort learning Japanese starting in college and had lots of help from lots of people. Now, I’m not living somewhere where Japanese is used at all, but I’m keeping it up for the long run by reading books, listening to podcasts, and engaging with people through Twitter. This blog is my attempt to give something back and help others using what I have learned.

I also hope this blog will introduce you to a greater variety of Japanese literature. When I first started reading, I only knew about Murakami Haruki and Natsume Soseki. Now I have found that there are so many other interesting authors writing in Japanese. Most of them have not been translated into English and not many of them are covered in English media. I hope that this blog will introduce anyone interested in Japanese books to some new books and authors they wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

If you would like to talk about Japanese books, then feel free to contact me through Twitter.